Monday, 25 July 2011

San Pietroburgo - salterio bilingue


On line due immagini del manoscritto greco-arabo conservato presso l'Institute of Oriental Manuscripts di San Pietroburgo (per approfondire clicca qui).

Galleria di immagini


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Philip King said...

"Before moving permanently to the Arabic language along with his flock, the Orthodox Christian clergy remained bilingual. Therefore we find from time to time Syriac-Arab, Arab-Coptic, Greek-Arab manuscripts, etc..

This manuscript is a good example of this type of literature. This is a psalter containing Arabic and Greek parallel texts in two columns. It is called here Mazama li-Dawud al-Nabi (The Psalms of Prophet David). In the past, the leaves of the manuscript were scattered, the order has been upset in the binding; many pages missing, there are approximately 60 psalms. This document appears to date from the ninth century. According to an anonymous note (f. 2), the text goes back to an original Greek of the Year 6004 "from Adam", which corresponds to 496 AD."